Our toolkit

We are consultants and trainers working procurement, sales and commercial strategy. We use a range of approaches and tools to shine light on your problem, help you figure out where you want to go and map out the best way to get there.

Training programmes

Using our experience and knowledge of working across industry sectors, we have developed a portfolio of over 30 commercial skills, leadership, management development and personal effectiveness training workshops.

Challenging. Thought provoking. High energy. These are just some of the words people have used to describe our workshops. All our programmes are highly engaging, motivating, interactive workshops which combine consultant-trainer input, exercises and case studies to help people develop confidence in learning new skills, approaches and behaviours.

From one-day to a week long, we excel at developing programmes to address the issues that are critical for your business. Off the peg, altered to fit or custom made, the choice is yours.

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Coaching & technical mentoring

Supporting individuals with one-on-one sessions focused on their particular needs is the ideal solution when there is a need for rapid personal development; the organisation lacks the experience and/or time to assist an individual; and for senior managers wanting to rehearse ideas and get alternative perspectives.

Not sure what type of coaching is right for you or how to buy coaching?

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Events & keynotes

Over the years our consultants have delivered over 100 keynote presentations to companies, trade bodies and conferences around the world. For groups of managers and conferences we can help you design an inspiring and engaging event or deliver a thought-provoking keynote presentation as part of a wider programme. Our topics include creativity, innovation, selling value, as well as custom-designed contributions involving group working and participant-led interactive sessions.

Let us show you how we can make your next conference, team seminar or away day a memorable event.

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Strategy workshops

Our strategy workshops are commercially focussed. We deal with the real issues of setting prices, redefining your business, establishing procurement goals, preparing for major negotiations or deals and deciding what to make and what to buy. Using a mix of analytical tools, small group working and focussed enquiry, we facilitate looking at your business issues from fresh perspectives and help you create different options and generate new solutions. All with an eye to driving practical improvements in your business.

Need help to work through business issues but don’t want to be overrun by a large team of consultants? This is probably the approach for you – the right mix of insight, facilitation, challenge and commercial nous.

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Innovation pressure cookers

Ever wondered where all the creativity went? Our innovation pressure cookers are short programmes designed to get people and teams to throw off the shackles of an ingrained mindset and develop new insights into how to solve problems, create new products and services and welcome innovation.

Using a combination of structured thinking techniques, psychometric instruments and inspiring examples your people will rediscover how to innovate and turn ideas into successful outcomes.

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Interim resources

When you want to retain direct control over a programme or need to have a flexible resource to add knowledge or experience to your team, an interim can be the perfect answer.

Our consultants and associates can step in to fill gaps when what you need is an experienced person to join or lead a team for a period of time while you put in place a longer-term solution.

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Analytics & reports

Sometimes you need quality insight and options, fast and cost effectively, before you decide what to do next.

As experienced, practical advisors with operational and consulting backgrounds we use a range of approaches from our own instruments to workplace interviewing to help you get access to the data you need and present focussed information to support speedy, effective decision making.

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Candidate profiling

Interviews can be a poor predictor of future performance.

Our profiling services combine the best of psychometric and job profiling to provide insightful candidate notes, along with suggested interview questions, to help your interview teams make the right choices during the selection process.

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Purchasing Profile

Our proprietary Purchasing Profile diagnostic and benchmarking tool allows you to assess yourself and your business against best practice in 20 elements that make for a great procurement organisation.

Based on over 40 years combined experience in industry and global management consulting, the Purchasing Profile is easily completed and quickly provides a gap analysis to let clients plan for improvements and set organisational goals. It’s quick, cost efficient and insightful.

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Projects & programmes

Fire and forget! Some clients want to give us a task comfortable in the knowledge that we will get on with it and deliver an end product for a fixed price with little or no support or disruption to business as usual.

We have delivered turnkey projects for major training interventions in the health sector, cost reduction programmes in the airline industry and for staff assessment in shared service centres. Our consultants are great at being self-directed and outcome focussed.

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Assessment centres

Looking for employees with real stand out talent? Our 7A Intrapreneurs Skills Transformation Centre (STC) is our fresh take on assessment centres.

It’s designed to help you identify individuals who have the X factor – the attitude, mindset and behaviours that go beyond technical competence and predict with greater accuracy how someone will perform in the job. Find out more about our 7A Skills Transformation Centre here.

We also develop bespoke selection events based on your required competences.

Workplace mediation

Discrimination. Harassment. Pay. Promotion. Redundancy. Any of one of these can trigger a time consuming and expensive workplace dispute. Our mediation services provide a powerful alternative to fighting cases at a tribunal.

Our trained mediators operate as an impartial third party to help disputing parties find a mutually acceptable resolution by considering a wider and more flexible range of outcomes than may be possible at a tribunal.

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